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Tanager Proclamation

Tanager Proclamation - featured image by Melissa Groo

I was driving down a quiet road in upstate New York one morning in May, when I noticed a breathtaking flash of red sweep across the dark hemlock trees. It was a Scarlet Tanager, who stopped for a moment in the tallest part of the budding trees, and began to proclaim its raspy song of spring …

Grackle Squeaks

Grackle Squeak - featured image by Lang Elliott

Of all backyard bird sounds, perhaps the least musical is the song of the Common Grackle. Check out this funny video of males giving their raspy squeaks as they lean forward and puff out their feathers …

Ruby-crowned Kinglet – Avian Jewel

Ruby-crowned Kinglet © Brian Small

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet … a tiny avian jewel with a scarlet patch on its crown … is one of my favorite birds, primarily because of it’s sprightly cheerful song — a series of very high notes followed by a rambling jumble and ending with a silly-sounding chant …

Downy Woodpecker Drumming Tree

Downy Woodpecker – Featured Image © Lang Elliott

It’s mid-April and the woodpeckers are drumming like crazy. This morning, I headed to a nearby natural area at dawn and soon captured a nice video of a Downy Woodpecker, drumming from near the top of a dead snag …

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