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After posting a recording of underwater singing of Pickerel Frogs the other day (see Pickerel Frogs – Hydrophone Surprise), it occurred to me that I had collected a brief video of one singing, way back on 25 April 2009, my first year trying to document natural phenomena with DSLR video.

The above video features that old footage (I say old, even though it’s the newest I have). Not bad, considering that I was using a Canon 5D Mark II with early firmware that did not allow me adjust the f-stop of the video (hence the very shallow depth of field). Still, I managed to get useful results. Here in upstate New York, we have lots of Pickerel Frogs, but they’re quite touchy and difficult to videotape, especially when you shine a light in their direction.

Below is a recording of a group of Pickerel Frogs, singing from a small pond in the mountains of Virginia, not far from Staunton. The pond is on the back side of “Elliott Mountain,” if you can believe that (no acquaintance). My friend Ted Mack and I found this pond during the first night out of our very first recording journey in 1989. I’ve gone back to that pond dozens of times since, both to check on things and wallow in memories of that amazing first trip. I made this recording in 2006, with Ted Mack once again at my side:

Pickerel Frog Chorus. 11pm, 22 April, 2006, Elliott Mountain near Staunton, Virginia © Lang Elliott. See habitat photo below.

Elliott Mountain Pond © Lang Elliott

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