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Logo - 250pxWe believe that people who fall in love with nature will naturally be concerned about the earth’s health and well-being.

In today’s world, the news is full of dire warnings about present and future environmental disasters. While these warnings should not be ignored and actions should be taken to reduce negative impacts, our goal is not to directly promote environmental activism. Rather, our mission is to help people connect with nature through the lens of celebration and gratefulness, an emotional and spiritual process that is likely to reinforce a conservation ethic.

How can we hurt what we love? The doorway to love is to intimately touch upon the miracle of being. And that is what we hope to foster through our high quality, multimedia celebrations of life around us. If we help instill a sense of wonder so strong that it leads to a deep and lasting bond with nature, then we will have accomplished our primary goal … to encourage a love of nature that is not only good for individuals, but good for the earth and all its creatures, including humankind.

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